As part of our outreach ministry, we livestream most of our worship services. This includes Sunday morning and evening services, as well as the morning message on Communion Sundays. In addition, you'll find other special services and some classes. (You do not have to create an account to watch the livestream videos, and there is no advertising!)


As of March 6th, we have made it easier to watch our past 2024 worship services!  SImply click on the button "2024 List of Worship Service Speakers" below, then click the Vimeo link by the service you wish to watch.

By clicking on "ONLINE VIDEO CHANNEL" below, you may watch a live service or class.  You may also watch videos as far back as 2020 (worship services, adult classes and special services). Effective January 1, 2024, we switched to a different provider (Vimeo).  We are working to fix the listings so you can more easily find your selected video, and we appreciate your patience!

In order to find the video you want to watch, it may help to refer to the "VIMEO SEARCH HELPS" button below, then click on "ONLINE VIDEO CHANNEL" to search.  (The way it was titled may vary, so you may still have to scroll down using the "LOAD MORE" button. There are over 400 videos!)

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