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*  Mar. 7 through May 23, 10:00am - Weekly Women's Study Classes - Come in Person! - Livestream also available

The Women's Department at our Branch is actively engaged in many activities, including monthly meetings, outreach efforts, and providing study and worship opportunities. Click on the following to view and download a variety of resources.

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Devotionals and Monthly Bulletin Inserts

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2022 Insert:  January

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Zion Flashcards

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2023 Flashcards: 

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2022 Flashcards: 

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2021 Flashcards:

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2013-2020 Flashcards: 

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Video Classes

Sponsored by the Restoration Women's Council

You are invited to come in person to classes!

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Also available on our Videos page.

Spring Classes 2023

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  • April 4 Video  "Choosing the Pathway of Righteousness and Sanctification on the Journey" Pat Chadwick  Class Handout
  • Mar. 28 Video  "Walking Joyfully in Thankfulness and Praise on the Journey" Debbie Norman  Class Handout
  • Mar. 21 Video  "Hope for the Journey: Enduring the Trials of Life"  Bonnie Anderson Class Handout
  • Mar. 14 Video  "Jesus Christ: Our Redeemer, Savior, Lamb of God, Friend, Mediator, Messiah, The Anointed"  Sheila Shrunk  Class Handout
  • Mar. 7 Video  "Setting the Goal for the Journey's End and Keeping an Eternal Perspective as We Travel"  Pat Chadwick  Class Handout
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