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Read Through the Three Standard Books of Scripture in a Year:
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Women's Dept. Monthly Quick Bulletin Inserts 2016-17

       October    November    December    January    February    March
       April          May                June             July            August

Women's Dept. "Stepping Stones for Spiritual Growth" - A Week at a Glance

     October    November     December     January     February     March
        April        May               
June             July         August       September

Women's Dept. Monthly Preparation Guides and Devotionals

Introduction:  A Year of Transformation and Preparation

     October:         Preparation Guide "What am I willing to deny myself?"
                                       Week 1     Week 2     Week 3     Week 4
     November:    Preparation Guide "Do I have ought against any person?"
                                       Weeks 1-4
     December:    Preparation Guide "Is my house in order?"
                                       Weeks 1-4
     January:        Preparation Guide "Do I make righteous judgments?"
                                       Week 1     Weeks 2-4
:      Preparation Guide "Am I without guile?"
                                       Weeks 1-4
     March:          Preparation Guide "Am I willing to truly enter into the depths of humility?
                                       Weeks 1-4       Attachment for Week 2
     April:             Preparation Guide "Am I willing to give my whole soul unto Christ?
                                       Weeks 1-2       Week 3           Week 4
     May:              Preparation Guide "Am I willing to serve Him all my days?
                                       Week 1            Week 2           Week 3          Week 4
     June:              Preparation Guide "Am I willing to keep the commandments?"
                                       Weeks 1-4
     July:               Preparation Guide "Am I willing to look upward, and be of one heart and one mind?"
                                       Week 1           Week 2           Week 3           Week 4

    August:         Preparation Guide "Will I pay the price?"
                                       Weeks 1 & 2         Week 3           Week 4

     Sept.:            Preparation Guide "Will I come unto Jesus?"
                                       Week 1           Week 2           Week 3        Week 4

2014 Summer Study Series
(these are large pdf files):

      A.  Sharing Our Unique Restoration Beliefs - based on The Quiet Miracle

      B.  Sharing Our Unique Restoration Beliefs - based on The Call at Evening

      C.  A Restoration Scripture Journey, blended from The Quiet Miracle and The Call at Evening

      D.  Index Card File for The Quiet Miracle

      E.  Index Card File for The Call at Evening

      F.  Fruit of the Spirit handout

      G.  Stewardship References from The Quiet Miracle       

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